Ryan Kinder

Room To Dream

Ryan Kinder brings a wealth of life experience to his debut album, Room to Dream. He launched his performing career as a teenager in the clubs around his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, and his music has since carried him to Nashville and a tour with two of his musical heroes.


Kinder has accrued more than 100 million streams by steadily building a fan base through electrifying live shows, exceptional musicianship, and a sound he describes as “riff-roaring rock with a side of sweet Southern soul.” The dream awakened in him during a family vacation in Destin, Florida, when he was roused from a backseat nap by his mom’s John Mayer CD.


“As a kid, so many things can catch your interest, and they’re fleeting, but this enraptured me. I was locked into these lyrics,” he remembers. “I took the record from her and listened to it and listened to it. There was a guitar class at my middle school and I switched classes to take it as an extracurricular activity, because I needed to know how to do this. I thought maybe I could learn a couple songs of this new artist I found, and it ended up just taking over my life.”